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Q.  Are your doors real wood or vinyl wrapped?
A.  We can supply both types of door

Q.  Do you design the kitchen bedroom bathroom or study?
A.  We do all our own designs using the lastest software which are then emailed to the customer so any changes can be made quick and easily.

Q.  What type of work does Denva Interiors undertake?
A.  At Denva Interiors we undertake any project from plastering, tiling all building work, kitchens bedrooms, bathroom, study etc.

Q.  Are the craftsmen all qualified?
A.  at Denva Interiors all of our craftsmen are all qualified and very experienced

Q.  Do you supply only?
A.  yes we can supply only

Q.  Are your customers happy with the service you provide?
A.  yes, take a look at our testimonials page

Q.   How much does a kitchen cost?
A.    Kitchen cost vary depending on style,size, and materials used e.g solid wood, granite etc

Q.   Do you supply made to measure kitchens?
A.  When we design a kitchen bedroom bathroom or study we find using made tomeasure carcases and door give more design styles to suit you needs

Q.  Can you supply granite, corian and laminate worktops?
A.  Yes we can supply any worktops needed

Q.  Do you supply all makes of appliances?
A.  We can supply all makes and models for all budgets

Q.  Are gloss doors more expensive than vinyl wrapped doors?
A. Gloss doors are slightly more expensive than Vinyl wrapped doors


Q.  Can i have any colour door in any style?
A.  Yes we can supply a wide range of doors in most colours